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[RECIPE] Spinach & Garlic Pasta

I played around with this super simple recipe recently and it came out so much better than I expected it to be!

Healthy, delicious and super quick to make for a lunch time snack or dinner for the whole family.

It's only 3 ingredients and packed with loads of flavour and nutrients, I was pleasantly surprised!

🌱 Flash fry 3 cloves of garlic in a little bit of olive oil. 🌱 Add about 400g of fresh spinach (baby or normal) and cook until wilted. Set aside. 🌱 Boil pasta (any kind you'd like, we had GF) until it's close to al dente. 🌱 Keep a cup of pasta water aside and strain. 🌱 Toss spinach, garlic, +- 200g of grated parmesan cheese and half cup of the pasta water to a high speed blender. 🌱 Pour sauce pack into the pan with the pasta and cook on low heat until pasta is cooked through properly. Add little bits of remaining water as needed when cooking to get your desired consistency. 🌱 Serve as is, with a side salad or in my personal favorite, lettuce cups.

Did you know that eating lettuce cups with pasta is a really easy way to include healthy fiber into your meal and improve digestion? The crispy crunch is also a complete game changer!

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