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[RECIPE] Chocolate Fridge Tart

This recipe is a firm favourite in our family, and while it's the usual free flow cooking that we do, there are no exact measurements or an actual recipe here but based on the size of your dish, it goes a little something like this x

Base 🔥

• rolled oats (or ground almonds if GF)

• soft pitted dates

• mix/blend enough to cover your dish

• about 60% dates / 40% oats or ground almonds

Filling 🔥

• dark chocolate

• coconut cream

• (more dark chocolate than coconut cream gives a firmer textured filling)

• about 65% dark chocolate / 35% coconut cream

• so about 2 slabs melted chocolate / 3/4can coconut cream depending on the size of your dish and base

• melt chocolate and let cool slightly, add in coconut cream, pour into base, refrigerate until set.

• mid way through setting, add favorite/seasonal fruits to the top

*recipe creation and copyright © by Megan Bezuidenhout of Prana Wellness

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