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🌸 Spring Equinox Event 🌸


A time for new beginnings. 

Time to let go of the old and make space for the new. 

A beautiful (and much needed) shift in season, shift in body and shift in mind. 


In celebration, we will be hosting an event where you'll practice 108 Sun Salutations followed by a guided meditation and some quiet time to journal and self reflect.


You might be thinking "gee, whiskers. 108 Sun Salutations?!" - yes, it's challenging, but it's not impossible.


We will give alternatives to the traditional sequence to make it best suited for everyone, and there's absolutely no pressure or expectation to complete all 108. Although you might just surprise yourself! You'll also learn more about the significance around why 108, and learn more about yourself through this experience. Beginners and seasoned yogis welcome. 


🌻 23 September 2023

🌻 09:00 - 11:00 

🌻 R150 for those who have an existing Class Pass (members)

🌻 R200 drop-in for non members 

🌻 Bookings are essential - head on over to 23 September on the calendar to book

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