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Vinyasa - meaning to breathe with movement.


These classes are stronger and more 'flowy' than the beginners classes, where we focus on linking the breathe to our movement and move through a traditional Ashtanga-based sequence. It's physically demanding but super rewarding and a great way to level up your practice.

Although we flow through the movements, we never rush the process and have time to feel and breathe into each pose. This is a great practice if you'd like to build up some heat in the body, develop core strength and increase flexibility. 

Depending on how you're feeling on the day and in a session, poses can easily be leveled up or leveled down depending on what you need - it's important to respect the body at all times and move in ways which feel good.

Once the body is warmed up, we have time to 'play' around with more challenging poses before we cool down in a 15min guided savasana.

These classes are 75min long.

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