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Yoga for beginners

Hey, we all have to start somewhere! And if you're here reading this to find out more, that's awesome, welcome!

I know the very thought of yoga can be intimidating, trust me, I've been there! I used to think yoga was for a specific type of person. Between the constant comparison of yogis on the 'gram and living in Cape Town, it's hard to gauge what a realistic expectation is. I'm in no way undermining these insanely awesome representations of yoga and what people can do with their bodies - every body's practice is unique and if you've built your way up to this level, that's great!


But for the average joe who has never practiced yoga and who is interested in finding out more, but has no real idea of what the blerrieyell it is, you've come to the right place.

I like to stick to a very traditional aspect of the practice that I've learned from my teachers in India - breaking everything we do into slow mindful movements and conscious breathing. By slowing things down and moving in ways which feel good to YOUR body, you start to cultivate a deep reconnected relationship with yourself.


The beginners classes focus on basic joint warm ups, simple foundational poses with correct alignment ques, easy stretches and different themes to focus on releasing tension in various parts of the body. Think stress release, digestion, lymphatic draining, back line, front line & side body opening, back strengthening - you get the picture!

All classes begin and end with light breathing and meditation techniques and are guided in a very neutral aspect as to respect all walks of life and religions. These classes are approachable to ALL ages, sizes, shapes and colours!

If you'd like to find out more, let me know and we can chat - or better yet, give a class a go and see for yourself. What do you have to loose?

Complete Beginners - this would be perfect for you if you're completely new to the practice / haven't practiced before / only taken a handful of classes in your lifetime. These classes will be mega chilled and we'll focus on the basics. This is also obviously open to you if you do have a regular practice and would just like to take it eeeeasy. 

Every Wednesday at 18:00 (60min)

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