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prenatal yoga

If you're pregnant and reading this, congratulations mama! What an exciting time!


I've just recently given birth to my little one and it's no lie that these squishy little poopie bundles of joy will change your life forever. 

You're going through a lot - every. single. day. your body is expanding, your hormones are fluctuating and emotions are all over the place. You are creating life!

Yoga helped me so much throughout my pregnancy and my birthing experience and I'd like to share these tools with you. I competed my Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training while I was pregnant and have first hand experience of how the practice can help.

There's a lot of things we cannot control or foresee when we're pregnant but together we can help you process these daily changes - mentally, physically and emotionally. 

The physical asana from the practice will undoubtedly help your growing body, it will enhance your connection with your own body and the connection with your baby inside it, it will ease out those growing pains and aches as you build strength and learn to relax. We will learn breathing techniques that will help you and your baby throughout your pregnancy, breathing techniques that will help you throughout your labour and birth.

The practice will teach you to discover the wisdom within your own body, it will help you cope with fear, help you face the natural stress that comes with childbirth confidently and calmly, and it will help you build confidence, peace and courage as you transition from womanhood to motherhood.

These classes are accessible for all trimesters, where I will give you props and adjustments to suit your growing body.

Prenatal classes take place every Sunday at 09:30. Booking is essential. Class Pass options available.

These classes are lead by Tara who is qualified in Prenatal Yoga. If you have any questions, don't be shy to send a message!

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