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Courtney Naumann


Courtney is someone who has always loved movement. With a background in many sports such as swimming and soccer when she was younger and most recently weight lifting, there was no other form of movement that spoke to her mind, body and soul like yoga did.


She started her yoga journey during the 2020 lockdown and fell in love with the practice. She discovered how amazing the practice made her body feel and more importantly, her mind.


With meditation and breathwork being apart of the practice she knew that yoga was more than just movement.


She completed her 200hr teaching training in 2021 and started teaching yoga straight away with an eagerness to learn, grow and develop her personal practice deeper.

"Yoga is a way of life. It goes beyond the postures that one's body can do on the mat. It's about the molding, unfolding and the transformation of one's self to connect with their higher selves, their true selves. It's a beautiful tool that I would love to use to help people connect to their true selves fully within their mind, body and soul." 


You can expect creative sequences from Courtney's classes with an added touch of gentleness and mindfulness as you go through a moving meditation.

If you have any questions for Courtney you can contact her on

+27 71 208 0892

Starting in June, Courtney will be teaching 

evening vinyasa every Tuesday @ 18:00

weekend flow every Saturday @ 08:30

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